Boyarsky criticized anthem "Zenith"

Boyarsky criticized anthem "Zenith"

Mikhail Boyarsky in an interview for the YouTube channel of journalist Alexander Lukyanov LOOKYANOV said he does not like the anthem "Zenith".

According to Boriskovo, the anthem was not written specifically for the team, for the city, and is only a rehash of well-known songs.

The anthem is a very important essential aspect which needs to be thought through by professionals, if it took seriously Rosenbaum or Cord, Dunayevsky.

— said the singer.

Boyarsky noted that the national anthem should be remembered from the first time, and its implementation should be simple.

Recall that in 2018, the group "Leningrad" has released a song-chants "the Zenith" for fans of "Zenit". Presented anthem before the match blue-white-blue with CSKA.