Large Stand Up Pavel Volya

Large Stand Up Pavel Volya

One of the most daring resident Comedy Club on TNT - luck to Petersburg, the new stand-up program.

The audience will enjoy an evening of intelligent humour, talented improvisations, and true life stories.
Appearing more than 12 years ago in a popular Comedy Club in the image of a "glamorous geek", denouncing the stars, Paul Will still not reduce the degree of bold monologues, a bit of spice to the humor on current topics.

Today, showman, TV presenter, actor and musician Pavel Volya — one of the best Russian comedians working in the genre of stand-up.

His speeches never hear vulgar and tawdry jokes, because Paul Will itself sets the trend in humor. Paul is the first who opens people new jokes and new trends in humor. Something he joked today, others will notice it only tomorrow.

The concert on 28 November will feature new monologues on the most important topics of concern to contemporary society, and, of course, jokes, spiced with strong language.