London big Ben, the Prague, the Kremlin chimes and many less well-known their Boyfriends "time shop" in many cities around the world adorn the towers, palaces, railway stations and squares.
"Petersburg made the discovery to the world – is opening space as a new category of architecture. If you look closely, the space is dominated by in every detail of the facade, a sense of scale, magnitude prospects."
In the city on the Neva is non-existent streets, which are not found on the map, and secret places where no tourists and amazing monuments of architecture with a rich history, not familiar to each Petersburger.
Grand mansions that stand out the elegance of its façade and beckon luxurious interiors, it is impossible not to notice, walking in St. Petersburg. However, many houses, beautiful, comfortable, seemingly unprepossessing, but inside — capture the imagination, are scattered along quiet streets, where walking is rarely an idle onlookers. Talk about a little-known architectural masterpieces, without which our city is impossible to imagine.
Tell about the main attractions of the city. Today go on the embankments of the Fontanka river, which decorate luxurious mansions and palaces, legendary monuments, unique museums and at home. We will also walk through the famous bridges and go on the road in one of the most amazing St. Petersburg courtyards.