Who would not say that, and one of the best phenomena of the world network is, of course, seals. Not so long ago huge collection of all kinds of art about furry friends added another project, immediately won the hearts of millions of people around the world - "FatCatArt". To see the work, dedicated to the most popular Internet cat Zarathustra, will be from 14 November to 18 December at the exhibition "Kote in Sade".
very soon will come one of the biggest holidays around the world - New year. This is a time of joy and magic, filled with happiness and laughter. Hundreds of years of tradition on this night to give each other gifts. To find something special could be anyone on the big Christmas fair at the shopping center "rainbow" from the 12th November to 10th January.
One of the main attractions of the Cultural capital - the Ciniselli Circus on Fontanka, in the middle of December will once again open its doors to guests after a year of reconstruction. Moreover, visitors will find not only updated the interior at the opening ceremony of the 15th of December will arrive the famous clown Oleg Popov.
When we talk about Peterhof, we usually always referred to its famous fountains, while completely forgetting that in the vicinity of this amazing city is two to the Palace and Park ensemble.
This summer all the world's media excitedly told me that off the coast of Sweden discovered a Russian submarine. However, in "reality" there was one juicy detail: this submarine sank in the distant 1916.