Center new year's eve in the Northern capital, and always will be the Palace square - will be held the main new year tree of the city. The festive program starts at 22:00 and opens it showing the video-cuts from the Christmas movies.
Even when clock already struck twelve times, Olivier and tangerines are eaten, the party goes on! What's more, new year's eve is very short, but festive holiday lasts for ten days. From 5th to 9th January at the CEC "Eurasia" guests will receive a "Christmas fair".
In recent years a great popularity has gained the festivals of colors Holi. Colourful festivals are the most colorful event of the summer, each time collecting a huge number of participants. But the summer is over, but the desire to hold fun and bright time left. A solution is found: 4th January in Park imeni Babushkina festival Color smoke.
Attentive citizens of St. Petersburg noticed a large tent in Naryshkin Bastion of Peter and Paul fortress, long before I found out what it is. The tent was installed there for a reason: it will be a traditional festival of ice sculptures, which starts on 26 December and will last until 1 March.