Legends live forever. And let this phrase rather refers to the works of art and the national epos, but we were lucky - in our time actively continue to advocate the true living legends of music. 4th June at the ice Palace will give a concert legendary "Deep Purple".
How you can cool off in the hottest weather? You can dress lighter, you can swim in the pond, you can sit in the shade of the trees. And you can eat delicious and cold ice cream! However, to indulge in this yummy special conditions are not needed. May 29, on Ostrovsky square will be a Celebration of ice cream.
Spring in Petersburg crowds begin to gather tourists. And no wonder - so many events can be the envy of even the summer season. But one of the most beautiful and spectacular annually attracts thousands of residents and guests of the Cultural capital.
It is well known that fresh air promotes good appetite. And imagine how it would be great if it was possible instead of standard sandwiches or barbecue to eat real restaurant food under the open sky!
To say that music lovers in the Cultural capital suffer from a lack of exciting activities - means to lie blatantly. What concerts and festivals are held in St. Petersburg!