New stage of Alexandrinsky theater and at the city's only cinema at the roof Cinema invited to the elite screenings of films on the roof. Screenings will be held from 20 to 31 August.
What until recently seemed science fiction, today become commonplace: space flights have become more accessible, science - clearer and closer.
Platform Studio "lendok" for one day will turn the magical forest. August 21 festival of Mirkwood will open a portal to the fairy world.
Until the end of summer in the gallery Anna Nova is exposed to the experimental design of the German sculptor of Ukrainian origin Alyosha. "Biofutures", bioethical abolitionism, contemporary art – it's all here.
From 1 August to 5 September will be held in the charm city game. Participants should look for porcelain sculptures that are hosted by a mysterious puppeteer. Participation is free of charge.