How about showing a picture of you shaving your van Gogh or fish sitting on the ice, and in the background jumping out of water sharks? To make such personnel will be available to everyone at the art gallery "3D Serverom".
In our day, a Cup of tea or coffee become something very common. It is difficult to calculate how many fragrant Cup of drink on average consume one from St. Petersburg on the day. To learn more about how drinking tea and coffee in the past, will be from 5th July to 30th August in the Ethnographic Museum, the exhibition "Tea and coffee ceremonies, and without...".
The feast of the abdomen will be held on August 21 in parks, courtyards, rooftops, art spaces, bars and cafes of St. Petersburg.
In the gallery of contemporary art "Erarta" opened the exhibition of Brazilian photographer Salgado Sebastio.
From 24th June to the 25th of September in the Hermitage will be an exhibition dedicated to one of the most famous designers of Russia - the exhibition "Vyacheslav Zaitsev in the Hermitage".