Two days Petersburg will shake in a love fever from Celtic harps and folk solos. On 28 and 29 October at the club "Cosmonaut" group "Mill" will present a new album "Chimera" which is a continuation of the previous album, "Alchemy".
In St. Petersburg will host a regional version of the international documentary film festival about music and a new culture Beat Film Festival. From 17 to 20 November, will show five films about great musicians and how the counterculture life-changing. You are waiting for the Russian premiere of the film by Jim Jarmusch about Iggy Pope, a film about Martian essence of David Bowie, the picture of the Placebo group.
Saint Petersburg became the portal to the world of the future. A large-scale project Lexus Hybrid Art housed in the halls of the Arena and is ready to surprise you and lift the veil of tomorrow. The audience themselves will construct a city in which would like to live in the form of a 30-foot urban installations.
This year in a big way celebrated anniversary of the first manned flight into space. It was done by our compatriot, Yuri Gagarin, the pride of our country. His birthday was celebrated on 9 March. And on March 11, the Erarta Museum will open its eighth U-Space "Infinity".
Forget about the daily routine and a good tickle offers a Night club of fans of cinema "Lumiere Lounge". In the night from 28 to 29 October at the creative space will show three film adaptation of Stephen king's "the Mist", "Dreamcatcher" and "misery".