In the State Hermitage the exhibition "Perfection in detail. Japanese art of the Meiji era (1868-1912)", which presents about 700 pieces of ceramics and metal with different processing technique, as well as items decorated with enamels and varnishes.
Park "Spaceport" is a unique educational and entertainment project that brings together in one space high quality movies, games, and rides. Its contents are regularly updated, so every time you will find something new and interesting. At the moment, this is the first and only Russian project of such scale.
The film Studio "Lenfilm" invites you to daily tours. Tours are conducted in 11:00,12:30,14:00,16:00,17:30, 19:00.
The new exhibition space atrium invites you into the magical world of Wonderland for the exhibition "Alice in Wonderland". Cuesta exhibition dedicated to the legendary tale written by Lewis Carroll in 1865. This is the only tale on the planet, translated in 129 languages. "Alisonangel" captured the whole world. The famous writer, mathematician, logician, philosopher, deacon and photographer Lewis Carroll throughout his life traveled outside of his native England. However, one country for which he made an exception and where you wanted to visit is Russia.
A traditional festival of ice sculptures will open December 24 at the Peter and Paul fortress. Dozens of shimmering in the light colored spotlights ice sculptures form the ice city. The center of the exhibit is a huge cock made of ice – the symbol of 2017.