Many of the characters played by this British actor is associated with mysticism, gloomy and far from unambiguous assessments. Creative space "Lumiere Lounge" invites you to enjoy the game Gary Oldman in "Leon", "Fifth element" and "Route 60".
On 18 and 19 March the ticket for the roof costs $ 100 instead of 250!

At LOFT PROJECT ETAGI will host the winter festival "Mulled wine on the roof". Admire the views and enjoy a drink!
LOFT PROJECT ETAGI continues to acquaint Petersburgers with the wildlife. This time the space is occupied Fox: guests will see the cunning of the fauna, and the pointy mushrooms will devote lectures, photo exhibitions and video screenings.
A traditional celebration of Celtic music and culture will take place on two stages Aurora Concert Hall with the participation of the leading folk ensembles of the city.
At the beginning of April in St. Petersburg will host the spring market "season 4", which will bring together masters of handmade and all those who appreciate quality things, emphasizing the unique style of the owner.