Cultural capital from the latest album Spirit visit the main synth-pop band of the planet Earth.
With the coming of dusk in the Park of fairy Tales, miracles happen and wishes come true. In early may, hundreds of burning lights will float on the surface of the water to bring its creators happiness, love, and to fulfill the dreams!
To get to the emerald city, children no longer have to search for the yellow brick road. The heroes of the new cartoon film of Studio "Mill", presented to the audience of "Three heroes", will arrive in St. Petersburg, will organize two memorable shows with puppets will compete for invitations to the closed premiere of the new cartoon.
Watch cartoons are loved by children and adults. In the library Lermontov you will find a kaleidoscope of images and stories: the old Soviet paintings, works by contemporary Russian and Western animators. Come with your family!
The pioneers of "rokapops" celebrate the 20th anniversary of the canonical album "the Sea", which began with the victorious Ilya Lagutenko and the company for the inhabited part of the land.