Square Gallery of Arts ("arts square gallery") is an exhibition of works of the Surrealists, based on the works of Salvador Dali from the collection of publisher Pierre Arja. "Art holding Tatiana Nikitina" will present unique etchings from the series "Apollinaire", "Hippies", "Venus in furs", "don Giovanni", "Mythology" and "Faust", created in 1930-1970 years. For the first time in the city on the Neva demonstrates several unique lithographs of the master, acquired especially for the exhibition.
Even if you have already tried all the rides with virtual reality glasses in the city, the new project of the Hermitage will surprise you. Want to see the past using the tools of the future? And to find yourself in a fascinating film about the history of Russia from the time of Catherine the great? Now you can become a participant in the events of a century ago.
"Art-range" — new project of famous Petersburg artist Alexei Sergienko — the ideological inspirer "of the Museum of emotions". In "Art Dash" being a serious battle. However, they are absolutely safe for health, because you have to wield brushes and paints, not military weapons. And guests do not compete with other visitors and with her, I'm trying to throw on the canvas all your emotions and feelings.
In 2017 marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Aivazovsky — one of the most famous national painters, who glorified in his works of the multifaceted nature of the disaster. His canvases the artist painted solely from memory, considering that copy of the landscape are many and rethink — units.
At the exhibition will recreate the course of history, the action promises to be logical and thoughtful. Each participant will be able to even touch lost in the middle ages artifacts. Interact with objects, coordinate the movement of each other, and you will see how the world around begins to change.