On the eve of world war I cultural and intellectual life of Paris was concentrating in the Montparnasse quarter. Fleur of freedom and art here attracted representatives of creative Bohemians. Until 1939, the Montparnasse has been a favorite place of artists, actors and musicians.
Retro Car Show ("Retro Kar Show") — the place where the legend of the global automotive industry. Rare and collectible car, restored and intact icons of the world autostyle presented at the unusual exhibition. To see the vintage cars and learn their history and everyone can.
On 10 October in Saint-Petersburg will host the Exhibition of British education Study UK: Discover You! In anticipation of the event, the British Council says, is it possible to study in the UK for free and how to get a scholarship or grant.
Young Russian and Japanese artists present paintings, graphics, calligraphy, video art and installations.
"Titicaca" is a unique Museum in the center of St. Petersburg, dedicated to the unusual traditions of different countries of the world, cult things of the twentieth century, the strangest people on the planet and all sorts of records. Come to make discoveries!