July 12 at the ice Palace will host a musical festival featuring some of the most important and unique Russian artists. The headliner of the festival - Zemfira. The names of the other musicians are still kept secret and will be announced later.
10, 11 and 12 June at the stadium "Kirovets" will be the most memorable event of the year - all-Russian festival of colors.
June 21, in the concert hall "October" will be a true celebration – Vyacheslav Butusov will play again the songs of the legendary band Nautilus Pompilius. The anniversary program "goodbye, America!" to the numerous requests of the audience will hear an encore!
It was therefore decided to carve out of the sand, the brightest of world masterpieces masterpieces of architecture, sculpture and painting monuments included in the list of sites protected by the world organization UNESCO.
The main thing in any party is interesting people gathering in a good location to have a great time and have fun.