Formulation of Saint-Petersburg theatre "Replica" is a romantic Comedy based on the fairy tale "Cinderella" and the eponymous Opera. Rossini.
The continuation of season night public skating. All night - music, movement, communication, contests, special task from our presenters, prizes and fun.
15 designers will present new collections of, among which Augustvander Walz, Julia Kostezh want Sails. Guests will have the opportunity to take pictures with designers.
Creating one of the most beautiful monuments of St. Petersburg — St. Isaac's Cathedral is filled with crime stories, is not familiar to visitors of this architectural masterpiece. In excursions and guidebooks, of course, mentioned that in the process of its execution was attended by such artists as Karl Brullov, Fedor Bruni, and others.
For three decades the WOW amazes spectators from around the world and erases not only the geographical scope but also the boundaries between fashion and art.